Regarding Tagore AI

How does Tagore AI prevent hallucination in its responses?

As the Personas are modelled exclusively on Factly’s custom databases built with official information, there is no room for hallucination. If the requested information is unavailable, the AI model will promptly inform you that there is no information on the given topic. While we cannot guarantee that you will always receive the complete & comprehensive information you seek, we can assure you that you will never receive an incorrect answer from our Personas. Sources are provided for every answer you receive from a Persona, enabling you to check the source document for reference.

What steps has Tagore AI taken to address copyright concerns in its content?

The issue of copyright does not arise with respect to Tagore AI, as we have only used government documents and data already available in the public domain. We have not used any private information.

Trial Access

How many questions can I ask each Persona?

A user can initiate 5 chats within each Persona every day. In each chat, a user can pose a maximum of 5 questions or prompts. Therefore, a total of 25 questions or prompts (5 in each of the 5 chats) can be asked from each Persona every day.

Are there any usage limits in the 'Chat' or 'Image' sections, similar to Personas?

Except for Personas, there are no usage limits anywhere in Tagore AI. Users can generate content without any restrictions in the 'Chat', 'Images', and 'Documents' sections.