What is Tagore AI?

Tagore AI, a product of Factly, is a credible information ecosystem with the power of AI. Here, journalism is empowered with robust data, researchers find historical context at their fingertips, fact-checkers navigate with precision, consultants ride the waves of trends, and everyone gains access to a trove of reliable information. Our mission is simple – zero hallucinations, just facts.

At the forefront of content generation, Tagore AI revolutionises the landscape by seamlessly integrating a diverse range of generative AI tools through APIs. Immerse yourself in a world where possibilities know no bounds, all effortlessly consolidated within a singular, powerful platform.

At Tagore AI, unlock the potential of Personas, engage in insightful conversations with data, craft compelling images, generate documents effortlessly, and explore AI-assisted content creation. Take your pick from cutting-edge models offered by OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, Meta, and Hugging Face, or even leverage the capabilities of your own fine-tuned model. The future of information is here – and it's intelligent, innovative, and all within your grasp.