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PIB Chronicle

Journey through the present and past with PIB Chronicle, your gateway to daily and historical insights from the Government of India's press releases.

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Modelled on: Lakhs of PIB press releases [2004 - Updated till 29 January 2024]

Tips for getting better answers:

  • Be specific while asking questions
  • Specify the year if information is required for a particular period
  • If you require data in a specific structure, mention it.

Example prompts:

  • What did PM Modi say about the One Nation One Election?
  • What is the current status of the Kaladan Multimodal project?
  • Give the state-wise number of LPG Connections under PMUY in a table format.
  • Give statements made by the Health Minister on the Nipah virus.

Note: When you do not mention a specific timeframe in your prompt, PIB Chronicle checks the PIB press releases from the last 2 years to provide you with an answer. If you would like information from an additional 2 years back or have a specific timeframe in mind, please mention it in your prompt explicitly.