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Modelled on: Lakhs of Question and Answers from Lok Sabha [15-17th Lok Sabha (updated till session 15)] and Rajya Sabha [Session 200 - Session 263]. [Please note that some of the files uploaded on the RS website were corrupted, and Q&As that were uploaded as image-based PDFs on the LS website are not included in the Tagore AI early access]

Data Updation Frequency: After each session of Parliament

Example prompts:

  • What is the amount of money collected through electoral bonds? Give year-wise data in a table format
  • How many startups are registered in India?
  • Give details of different Vande Bharat train routes inaugurated.
  • Give state-wise details about funds released under POSHAN Abhiyaan in 2019-20 in a table format

Note: When you do not mention a specific timeframe in your prompt, Parlens checks the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha's questions and answers from the last 2 years to provide you with an answer. If you would like information from an additional 2 years back or have a specific timeframe in mind, please mention it in your prompt explicitly.