While accessing Tagore AI, you might encounter some rough edges as you navigate through our platform. This is a natural part of the trial process, and we are committed to making continuous improvements.

We highly encourage you to share your feedback, thoughts and any issues you come across. Your input is essential in helping us refine Tagore AI into a more robust and user-friendly tool. For any queries or to send your feedback, you can either email us at [email protected] or fill out the feedback form click here (opens in a new tab)

Tagore AI strives for accuracy, but users should consider verifying important information due to the possibility of incomplete data.

Trial Access Limits

A user can initiate 5 chats within each Persona every day. In each chat, a user can pose a maximum of 5 questions or prompts. Therefore, a total of 25 questions or prompts (5 in each of the 5 chats) can be asked from each Persona every day.

Except for Personas, there are no usage limits anywhere in Tagore AI. Users can generate content without any restrictions in the 'Chat', 'Images', and 'Documents' sections.

With respect to the Parlens Persona, please note that some of the files uploaded on the Rajya Sabha website were corrupted, and Q&As that were uploaded as image-based PDFs on the Lok Sabha website are not included in the Tagore AI early access.


As this is a test access, and since we are currently working to enhance Tagore AI, the conversations you have with the product will be processed to improve the technologies supporting it. Therefore, we kindly request that you do not enter any personal information that you do not wish to be processed or reviewed.